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Characters and kit Empty Characters and kit

Post by Tsukiyumi on Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:40 pm

I thought I'd set this up; this one is going to be pretty epic, I think.

Characters and kit Corellian_Engineering_Corp2

There is only one way of avoiding the war – that is the overthrow of this society. However, as we are too weak for this task, the war is inevitable. -L. Trotsky, 1939

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Characters and kit Empty Re: Characters and kit

Post by Tsukiyumi on Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:13 pm

Deimos Daniels
Entrepreneur (Sniper/Engineer/Support)
Age: 33
Height: 6’
Weight: 165 lbs.

ST: 10 (26 w/suit)
IQ: 12
DX: 11
HT: 10
HP: 10
Will: 12
Per: 12
FP: 10
Basic Lift: 20 (135 w/ suit)
Basic Damage: Sw 3d+2, thr 2d-1
Basic Speed: 5.25
Basic Move: 5 (9 w/ suit)
Parry: 10 (+1)


Armoury (Battlesuit - TL10^): 13
Armoury (Rifle - TL10^): 12
Brawling: 12
Broadsword: 13 (+1)
Climbing: 12
Computer Operation (TL10^)*: 12
Computer Programming (TL10^)*: 12
Electronics Operation (Communications and Media/TL10^)*: 12
Electronics Operation (Sensors/TL10^): 12
Electronics Repair (Computers/TL10^)*: 12
Electronics Repair (Sensors/TL10^): 12
Environmental Suit (Battlesuit): 14
Expert Skill (Computer Security/TL10^)*: 12
Explosives (TL10^): 12
Fast-Talk: 11 (+1)
First Aid: 12
Guns (Grenade Launcher) (TL10^): 13 (+2)
Guns (Pistol) (TL10^): 13 (+2)
Guns (Rifle) (TL10^): 14 (+2)
Hiking: 10
Jumping: 12
Lockpicking: 12 (+3)
Navigation (Land): 12
Psychology (AI)*: 12
Scrounging: 13
Stealth: 13
Survival (Cursed Earth): 13
Swimming: 10
Tactics: 12
Throwing: 13
Writing: 11


Computer Wizard *
Enhanced Parry - All


Smokes cigars (odious habit)
Bad Sight (corrected by contacts)
Phobia of snakes (severe)



(Shoulder Servomount) Force Pistol; 4d+2 cr dkb – Acc 6 – 300/900 – 3.3lbs/C – rof 1 – shots 56(3) – ST5 – bulk -2 – rcl 1; 13.2 lbs.

Articulated Weapon Harness (p.150); 10.1lbs.
Portable Railgun, 10mmG (Smartgrip, Enhanced Targeting Scope); 5dx3(3) pi+ – Acc 4+3 – 3,000/12,000 – 20.2lbs/1.5(C) – rof 3 – shots 25(3) – ST9 – bulk -6 – rcl 3

Gauss Rifle, 4mm (Smartgrip, Enhanced Targeting Scope); 6d+8(3) pi – Acc 7+3 – 1,200/4,800 – 8.7lbs/1.4(C) – rof 12 – shots 60(3) – ST9 – bulk -4 – rcl 2
(Gauss Rifle) Underbarrel EMGL, 25mmG; 4d pi++ - Acc 4+2 – 360/2,200 – 2lbs/1(C) – rof 1 – shots 3(3) – ST9 – bulk -4 – rcl 2

Monowire Katana (Fine - Balance: +1 to skill); sw+1 +3 cut (10), thr+1 imp; reach 1; ST10; 3lbs.


ARC (Tiny Computer/TL10) (Hardened, High-Capacity, Genius, Quantum, Dedicated AI – IQ 8; Complexity 5) with optical cable jack and sleeve display; Complexity 7; 21PB; 4A/20hr; 0.7 lbs
- fine quality programs (+2 bonus to related skills): smart diagnostics; IFF; Secure Encryption, Decryption (2+5 for quantum decryption), Native Translator (5), Voice Processor (5); Target Tracking (4); Targeting +2 (4); Dream Teacher (Easy skills) (6)

Electronic Lockpick; +3 to Lockpicking and Electronics Operation (Security); A/2 hr; 0.2 lbs.
Portable toolkit (Armoury – Battlesuit/TL10^); B/1hr
Small tactical radar (shoulder-mounted); B/8hr; 1lb.; 10-mile or 1-mile range
Infrared corrective contacts; 1x magnification
Helmet-mounted mini dazzler flashlight; 15-yard beam; B/24 hr; 0.25 lbs.
Contragravity belt (TL10^); 20 lbs. 2D/4hrs
BiofilterCanteen; 1 lb.


Scout Battlesuit (ST for Lifting and Striking +16, Basic Move +4, Super Jump 3) w/two microbot artery sets; Desert Environment System (p.189); Suit Doc (p.199, +5 lbs. C/100hr)
Scout Battlesuit helmet w/ optical cable jack and Neural Induction (p.49) (3B/100hr.) 22.5 lbs.
Swarmbots (RTG), Armored Crawler; paramedical (p.201); repair (p.87)

Grenades and other Explosives

Plastex B; x60 half-pound blocks; 30 lbs.
Detonators x60
Mininuke Limpet (64mm); 1 lb. 6dx200-2,000 cr ex [4dx200-2,000 burn ex* rad sur]
Devourer Swarm (Gastrobot – p.36), Armored Crawler Limpet (64mm/4 yards); x10; 10 lbs.
Thermobaric Hand Grenade (64mm); x2; 2 lbs. 6dx5 cr ex inc
Plasma Hand Grenade (64mm); x2; 2 lbs. 6dx4 burn ex sur
Force Hand Grenade (64mm); x2; 2 lbs
EMP Hand Grenade (64mm); x2; 2 lbs. spec.(2 yard) +2d cr ex
Warbler Hand Grenade (64mm) x2; 2 lbs. HT-6 aff (6-yard radius)
Tangler Hand Grenade (64mm) x2; 2 lbs. ST36 (+2 for each additional layer); 1-yard radius
Hot Smoke Hand Grenade (64mm); x5; 5 lbs.
Construction Swarm Hand Grenade (64mm/4 yards); x5, 5 lbs.
Repair Swarm Mini Grenade (40mm/1 yard); x2; 0.5 lbs (Armoury – Pistol/TL10)
Repair Swarm Mini Grenade (40mm/1 yard); x3; 0.75 lbs (Armoury – Rifle/TL10)
Repair Swarm Mini Grenade (40mm/1 yard); x5; 1.25 lbs (Armoury – Battlesuit/TL10)
Paramedical Swarm Mini Grenade (40mm/1 yard); x5; 1.25 lbs.
Gremlin Swarm (p.169) Mini Grenade (40mm/1 yard); x4; 1 lb.
Cleaning Swarm Mini Grenade (40mm/1 yard); x2; 0.5 lbs.
Flare Thimble Grenade (25mm) x50; 3 lbs. spec. (250 yards)
Strobe Thimble Grenade (25mm) x25; 1.5 lbs. HT-3 aff (3-yard radius)

Ammo and Power Cells

25mmG Force ammo; 24 rounds; 2.16 lbs. 4d cr dkb ex
25mmG HEMP ammo; 24 rounds; 2.16 lbs. 6dx3(10) cr inc + linked 2d cr ex [1d+1]
10mmG ammo; 50 rounds; 4 lbs. 5dx3(3) pi+
10mmG "Viper" homing hollowpoint ammo (pg. 146); 50 rounds; 4 lbs. 5dx3(3) pi+
10mmG HEMP ammo; 50 rounds; 4 lbs. 8d(5) imp inc + linked 1d-2 cr ex [1d-2]
4mm hollowpoint ammo (p. 154); 120 rounds; 0.72 lbs. 6d+2(0.5) pi+
4mm APDS ammo (p.152); 480 rounds; 2.88 lbs. 6d+8(3) pi (+50% range)
A cell; x50; 0.25 lbs.
B cell; x20; 1 lb.
C cell; x20; 10 lbs.
D cell; x4; 20 lbs.


Little cigars (Strawberry); x200; 0.5 lbs.

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Characters and kit Corellian_Engineering_Corp2

There is only one way of avoiding the war – that is the overthrow of this society. However, as we are too weak for this task, the war is inevitable. -L. Trotsky, 1939

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Characters and kit Empty Re: Characters and kit

Post by Aaron on Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:09 pm

"Doc" Wallace
Medic/Fire Support

ST 11 [10]
DX 12 [40]
IQ 11 [20]
HT 11 [10]

Secondary Characteristics
Dmg 1d-1/1d+1
BL 24lbs
HP 11 [0]
Will 12 [0]
Per 12 [0]
FP 11 [0]
Basic Speed 6.00[0]
Basic Move 6 [0]

Early Maturation 4 [8], Disease-Resistant [+8 to HT] [5], No degeneration in 0G [1], Sterile [1], Mistaken Identity [-5], Social Stigma [Minority group] [-5], Unusual Biochemistry [-5](Perflubron Blood), Intron Messages [0]


Legal Enforcement Powers (Bounty Hunter, Merc License) [5]
Sterile [1]
No Degradation in 0G [1]
Disease Resistant [5]
Early Maturation 4 [8]

Addiction (Tobacco) [-5]
Code of Honor (Professional) [-5]
Sense of Duty (Civilians) [-10]
Pacifism (only kill those attempting to kill you) (-10)
Mistaken Identity [-5]
Social Stigma (Minority Group) [-5]
Unusual Biochemistry [-5]
Disciplines of Faith (Inner Peace) [-5]

Primary Skills
Beam Weapons (Rifle) 12 [1]
Guns (GL) 12 [1]
Survival (Cursed Earth) 12 [2]
Guns (Rifle) 12 [1]

Secondary Skills
Forced Entry 12 [1]
Brawling 12 [1]

Background Skills

Soldier 12 [2]
Physician 11 [4]
Computer Operation 12 [1]
First Aid 12 [1]
Diagnosis 11 [4]
Electronics Operation (Medical) 12 [2]
Environmental Suit (Battlesuit)  12 [2]
Surgery 11 [4]
Electronics Operation (Comm) 12 [2]
Electronics Operation (Sensor) 12 (2)

Another venerable Venusian Frontier Products model, Wallace is avaiable suited to operational enviroments such as Mars, Venus, Titan, Europa and Earth. Released from his contract, Doc now heads a small mercenary company employed by the Ministry to retrieve artifacts from Earth. He has strongly held beliefs towards innocents and Synthetic Rights. Though he tends to keep his own counsel.


Appears as a weathered caucasian male in his mid forties. Chronological age is fifteen.


-Shoulder Servomount w/electrolaser carbine (lethal/non-lethal), CTS (hyperspectral), and TL9 under barrel 40mm (smoke, paralysis gas, smoke, gas, smoke) Unit is AI run from the suits computer. Can be overridden by user. Left shoulder (5 reloads)

Recce pod, slots into a right shoulder mount. Contains a small TL10 Tactical Terahertz Radar with a 400 yard range, a rad scanner, and dedicated chemscanner. A TL10 Personal Sound Detector, TL9 Tactical ESM Detector, TL10 Hyperspectral Surveillance Camera, TL10 Small Hardened Computer and a TL10 Medium Radio are included. The unit can interface with the suit and shoulder mounted gun, supplying targeting data, and providing the user with intelligence. The unit can a provide real time surface to orbit feed via the radio or upload in packets at a later time.

Command Battlesuit (TL10): A suit designed for officers, not quite as strong as a heavy battlesuit, but with equivalent armor and greater mobility. It includes a medium laser comm (p. 44) and a large radio (p. 44). Its exoskeleton grants Lifting and Striking ST+18, Basic Move +3, and Super Jump 2.

This particular suit model was designed with the "helmet" portion built into the suit and unable to rotate, giveng it a less human, more robotic look. The suits Armour without Faceplates and neural input headset let him percieve the world outside the suit just as effectively as a normal helmet.

Built In Options
-suit doc
-medscanner (built into left glove)
-microbot arteries
-Desert Environment System
-Filter Mask
-Inertial Compass
-Hearing Protection
-hyperspectral visor
-medium laser comm
-large radio
-biomedical sensors
-trauma maintenance
-provisions dispenser
-waste relief system
-infrared cloak
-radar stealth
-deceptive radar jammer
-small genius computer
-Armour Without Faceplates
-EMA (double dr vs plasma)
-IFF Comm
-radiation badge
-near miss indicator
-neural input headset (menu controls, etc)

Stowed on Suit
-crash kit
-pocket medic x2
-Medical Supplies, TL10, 100 patient days worth of supplies
-Diagnostic Smart Bandage Spray x 20
-suit patches (10)
-sonic probe

-Armat Systems R870 Payload Rifle (25mm), a simple, pump action 25mm payload rifle designed for troops in Battlesuits, its layout and ergonomics will not allow use by unsuited personnel. Typically issued with a CTS and built in Searchlight (2000 yard beam, 10lbs, C/12hr). Has a magazine lockout feature allowing rounds to be loaded into the chamber directly.

Damage is warhead dependent, Acc:4 Range:700/8500 Wgt:38/10 RoF:2 Shots:8+1(3) St:12B Bulk:-6 Rcl:4 


Tangler St 15
HEMP 6dx3(10) cr inc + linked 2d cr ex [1d+1]
Plasma 6d burn ex sur
Thermobaric 8d cr ex inc
Paralysis Gas
Coloured Smoke, Red
SEFOP/APHEX (TL10) in Viper Warheads

1 complete magazine reload for each type (9), for a total of 90 rounds.

Default round:
HE add to normal piercing dmg with (0.5) armour divisor 4d cr ex [1d+1]

Proximity setting: [1d-1] cutting fragmentation damage

4 full mags, 36 rounds

Shoulder Mount

-Electrolaser Carbine
HT-4 aff 1d-3 burn Acc:8 Range:160/470 Wgt:3.7/2C RoF:3 Shots:72(3)
Weapon can be dismounted in event of catastrophic suit failure and used as a rifle.

-TL9 40mm Underbarrel (Shoulder)
Chem barrels(3): Smoke, Paralysis Gas, Smoke, PS, Smoke
Tangler barrels(2): Tangler rounds x 5

Hand Grenades

-1 x Canister, Nerve, Agent 20 (64mm Limpet Mine). Persistent Nerve Gas, area-effect contact agent, no delay HT-6 until decontamination. "Salt the Earth" charge.

-5 x 64mm Tangler Grenades, ST-36 1yard radius
-5 x 64mm Warbler Grenades, HT-6 aff (6 yard radius)
-5 x 64mm Plasma Grenades, 6dx4 burn ex sur
-10 x 25mm Flare, 250 yards

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Characters and kit Empty Re: Characters and kit

Post by mikey on Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:10 am

Zachary "Zack" Calowicz
5'9", 166 lbs.
cropped medium-brown hair, hazel eyes

ST 10     HP 10
DX 12     Will 14
IQ 14      Per 14
HT 12      FP 13

Basic lift: 20 (135)
Damage (with suit: ) thr 2d+2; swing 5d
Basic Speed: 6.00     Basic Move: 6 (10)
Parry: 8      Block: 3

Advantages and Perks
bioware Boosted Heart: HTK (1)
Talent (B&E) (1): Hacking, Electrician, Electronics Operation, Lockpicking, Traps
Super Jump (3) (suit)

Bad Back (mild)
Bad Temper (12)
Greed (12)
Easy to Read

Stealth 10
Forensics 13
Beam Weapons (pistol) 13
Melee Weapon (knife) 11
Guns (shotgun) 14
Guns (rifle) 13
Guns (pistol) 12
Scrounging 13
Machinist 12
Environment Suit (battlesuit) 14
Brawling 11
Chemistry 13
Computer Hacking 13
Computer Operation 13
Driving (construction equipment) 12
Metallurgy 13
Electrician 13
Electronics Operation (science, sonar, robot, EW) 12
Electronics Operation (security) 13
Electronics Repair (security) 12
Engineer (combat) 14
Explosives (demolition) 14
Explosives (EOD) 13
Gesture 13
Lockpicking 13
Piloting (flight pack) 13
Soldier 12
Traps 14
Artillery (cannon) 12
Gunner (beams, cannon, machine gun, rockets) 12
Architecture 12
Armory (battlesuit) 13
HazMat (chemical) 12

Gauss CAW w/ underbarrel electrolaser; APHEX, flare, EMP ammo
force pistol
large knife, monowire
suitcase lab (chemistry, metallurgy, forensics)
portable toolkit (armory,battlesuit, electrician, electrical repair/security)
blast foam
pocket pack
15 lbs. hi-energy explosive
7 detonators
suitcase minifac
electronic lockpick
variable lockpick
contact SQUID
software: visual enhancement C4
swarmbot controller C4 (construction, forensic)
fine-quality IQ-tech skills C7
targeting (guns (shotgun, rifle, pistol,) gunner (beams, cannon, machine gun, rockets))
construction swarm: hopper, multispectral chameleon
forensic swarm: flier, multispectral chameleon
3 "C" cells

modified scout battlesuit
standard scout battlesuit, plus:
sensor gloves
zap glove
radiation badge
plasma torch (left arm)
sonic probe (right arm)
swarmbot hive (left shoulder)
multispectral chameleon surface
near miss indicator (helmet)
radar/laser detector (helmet)
microbot arteries (paramedical, repair swarms)
electromag mortar, 64mm (right shoulder)
+ HEMP, sleep gas, radiant smoke rounds
small genius computer: hardened, high-capacity, quantum

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Characters and kit Empty Re: Characters and kit

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