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Trash Wolves: Married with what?

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Trash Wolves: Married with what?

Post by Aaron on Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:04 pm

Ministry of State Parks Station, Low Orbit

"Trash Wolves, mission briefing in 10 minutes at Salvage Bay 1 Observation Room."

Wallace was already there, they had known about the mission for a week. The Ministry had just been awaiting payment. Despite the fancy title, the Ministry was a low priority for the government. Earth was essentially abandoned by the solar system and the Ministry's operations are often run for the benefit of wealthy collectors.

In this case the collector was looking for an ancient sitcom from the late 20th Century.

Wallace lit himself a foul smelling cigarillo and inhaled deeply. Earth is a shithole but it is a freefire shithole at least.

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