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Firefly Character Sheets

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Firefly Character Sheets Empty Firefly Character Sheets

Post by Aaron on Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:25 am

Jezza Clowers

6'3" 195lbs
45 years old
Waist length beard
Blue eyes
Gray hair

St 11
Dx 11
IQ 10
HT 10
HP 11
Will 10
Per 10
FP 10
Basic Move 5.25


Guns (Shotgun) 13
Interrogation 11
Riding 11
Diagnosis 11
Surgery 12
Physician 11
Brawling 12
Fast Draw (Shotgun) 12


Hideous (Heavily Scarred)
Addiction (Tobacco)
Disturbing Voice (Gravely)
Odious Habit (Chew)


Civilian Shotgun 4d+4 pi++
Shotgun Pistol 4d pi++
Surgical Kit x 5 (TL6)
Crash Kit (TL8)
Armoured Duster DR 18/6 Dark Grey
Kepi Style Hat Dark Grey
Black Pants/Shirt
Black Assault Boots 12/6
Three full reloads for pistol and shotgun
Shoulder Holster
Padded gloves
Ident Card (Alliance Citizen, Sgt Rank[Ret])
Multi fuel lighter aka a Zippo
Tobacco products: cigars, chew
Screw knife


Jezza Clowers was born and raised in the back country of a border world, the son of a doctor and a veterinarian. His education made him a target for conscription when the Alliance came a callin. He was forced into the purple and his education rounded out before being dropped into the First Alliance Mounted Rifles as their doctor and surgeon. The unit had a well deserved reputation for excess and brutality, culminating in the Massacre of Wolverton Mountain, where the unit tortured and slaughtered the town and it's garrison.

Clowers tends not to talk much, his gravely voice a legacy of the war along with his scars. His damaged vocal cords cause him considerable discomfort if he talks to much, though he considers it a small price to pay for the disconcerting effect it has on his targets/clients.

Years after the war Clowers makes his living as a doctor, torturer and general muscle.

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Firefly Character Sheets Empty Re: Firefly Character Sheets

Post by mikey on Mon Jun 09, 2014 8:25 am

Noah Sutton
27 years old
5'7", 159 lbs.
thinning, cropped brown hair; hazel eyes

ST 10
DX 12
IQ 13
HT 11
HP 10
Wil 13
Per 13
FP 11
Basic Speed 5.75

Navigation (Space) 15
Navigation (Land, Air) 16
Piloting (HP Spacecraft) 15
Piloting (Contragrav, Vertol) 13
Driving (Automobile, Hover) 12
Riding (Horse) 10
Mechanic (Spacecraft, Contragrav, Life Support, Fusion Engine, Fusion, Auto, Vertol, Hover) 11
Electrician 11
Electronic Repair (Computer, EW) 11
Computer Operation 12
Computer Programming 10
Electronic Operation (Sensors, Security) 12
Vacc Suit 10
Lockpicking 12
Stealth 12
Spacer 14
Merchant 11
Holdout 12
Smuggling 12
Streetwise 14
Traps 13
Artillery (Cannon) 13
Gunner (Cannon, MG) 13
Armory (Vehicular Armor, Heavy Weapons) 11
Guns (Pistol) 11
Brawling 11
Explosives (Demolition) 11

3D Spatial Sense
Charisma (1)
Talent (Cockpit Jockey) (2)

Addiction (Nicotine)
Social Stigma (Criminal Record)
Bad Temper (12)
Artificial Pancreas

brass knuckles
ETC medium pistol, 7.5mm
good-quality belt holster
nanoweave jacket, trousers, gloves
pocket pack
armored night vision glasses
good-quality mini toolkit (Electrician)
mini toolkit (Electronic Repair (Computer))
electronic lockpick
good-quality variable lockpick
nasal filter plugs
tiny radio communicator
stealth attache case
cutting torch
good-quality artillery software C5
7 spare A cells, 5 spare B cells
mechanical vaporizer + 2 weeks' nicotine solution
1.5 lbs. Plastek B
2 detonators

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Firefly Character Sheets Empty Re: Firefly Character Sheets

Post by mikey on Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:16 am

China Cat Sunflower #25R6-2-4
(a.k.a. Good Idea at the Time #MSH-4077, a.k.a. Dark Star #RFK-1987)

cost: $48,142,950               TL: 10
dST/HP: 50                        HT: 13
Hnd/SR: -1/5                      Move: 1.5G/135 mps
SM: +7                              LWt: 300 tons
dDR: 15                             Occ: 10ASV
Load: 26 tons + 4 tons shielded + steerage (19 tons + 4 shielded + steerage available)
air move: 15/153mph
air Hnd/SR: 1/5

Front Hull
[1] nanocomposite armor, hardened
[2] cargo hold
[3] external clamp
[4] control room (complexity C7, comm/sensor 6, 2 control stations) w/ emergency ejection (6)
[5] hangar bay (10 tons, launch rate 10 tons/minute) w/ Mechanic workshops
[6] defensive ECM (-2 to ranged attacks against)

Central Hull
[1] nanocomposite armor, hardened
[2!] secondary battery, turret
  5x 10cm EM guns: 6dx25(2), sAcc -7, range S, rcl 3
[3!] contragravity lifter
[4] fusion reactor
[5-6] fuel tanks (15 tons H2 each)

Rear Hull
[1] nanocomposite armor, hardened
[2] engine room (1 workspace)
[3-5] fusion torch engines
[6] fuel tank (15 tons H2)

[1-2] habitats (2 cabins, 1 sickbay, 1 bunkroom)

Design Features
artificial gravity and gravitic compensators
total automation
stealth hull (-8 to detect against)
3x airlocks, 3 persons/cycle
landing gear

Additional Equipment
autokitchen (Cooking - 10)
3x workstation terminals
grav jeep
6x nanoweave vacc suits

45 tons H2 fuel
350 10cm EM gun rounds
500 man-days' food

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Firefly Character Sheets Empty Re: Firefly Character Sheets

Post by Tsukiyumi on Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:37 pm

29 years old; from New Kasmir
5’4” 135 lbs.
Curvy, petite and sexy; emerald colored eyes, dark auburn hair, olive complexion.
Appearance modifiers: Attractive (+1 to reaction rolls)

ST 11
DX 12
IQ 10
HT 12
HP 11
Wil 10
Per 10
FP 12
Basic Speed 6
Parry 13(+1)

Camouflage* 12
Carousing 12
Crewman 10
Guns (Pistol) 12
Jumping 12
Swimming 12
Acting* 12
Climbing 12
Disguise* 12
Electronics Operation (Security) 10
Electronics Operation (Surveillance) 10
Explosives (Demolitions) (TL10) 12
Gambling 10
Lockpicking 10
Holdout* 12
Sex Appeal 13
Shadowing* 12
Smuggling 10
Stealth* 14
Throwing 12
Vacc Suit (TL10) 12
Jeet Kune Do 13
Forgery (TL10) 12

Talent (Craftiness +1)*
Enhanced Parry (all)

Sense of Duty (Large Group – Independents)
Sense of Duty (Small Group)

karatands (x2)
heavy pistol 10mmCLP
pocket aerosol (Pheromone) x10
spray can (prism smoke) x5
hand grenade (Warbler) x2
limpet mine (Jammer) x2
limpet mine (prism smoke) x3
limpet mine (HE) x5
thimble grenade (Strobe) x10
thimble limpet (Flare) x25
6 lbs. Plastex B
detonators x2
Light Nanoweave Bodysuit DR12/4
Pocket Laser Mike
RF Bug Detector
Radio Communicator (Tiny)
Nasal Filter Plugs
Pocket Pack
Electronic cuffs
Inertial compass
Dazzler penlight
Data player
Night vision contacts
Stealth travel bag
Electronic lockpick
Survival rations x3
Filtration canteen
Bandage spray can
A cells x100
10mmCLP x400


+1 to dealings with Independents, -2 to dealings with Alliance
+2 to dealings with crime syndicates, -1 to dealings with bounty hunters

Indigo (real name unknown) was born in 2491 on New Kasmir; abandoned at birth, she grew up in various orphanages and on the streets before being “adopted” by a registered Companion at age 12. In 2508, after completing years of Companion training, Indigo left the monastery to return home and fight for the Independents. The subsequent devastation of her homeworld, coupled with the personal losses she suffered during the war has left her unstable and hostile.

She spent the years since the war drifting aimlessly, finding whatever work she could with her incomplete Companion training and skills learned during the war. She worked as a bartender, smuggler, thief, and even (for a short stretch) as a bounty hunter. For the last few years, she’s been acting as a facilitator; retrieving items for various parties, and making introductions between people with… compatible interests. Her desertion of her Companion training, along with her actions during the war have left her permanently blacklisted from official Companion service, although she still has many contacts in the guild. Along with her other underworld contacts, this has allowed her to facilitate meetings others would find impossible, and earned her an increasingly favorable reputation among certain circles – and an increasing amount of attention from the Alliance.

Firefly Character Sheets Corellian_Engineering_Corp2

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Firefly Character Sheets Empty Re: Firefly Character Sheets

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